Our station is named after St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe, a Polish Franciscan Friar who died as a martyr in Auschwitz during the Nazi regime. Before his ordination, Kolbe started an organization known as the Militia Immaculata which helped 'fight for Mary' against enemies of the church. Kolbe also gained a radio license to publicly broadcast his views on Catholicism. This included his teachings on the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 1941, he was arrested and sent to Auschwitz, where he continued to work as a priest and offer solace to inmates. When the Nazi guards selected 10 people to be starved to death as punishment in retaliation for an escaped prisoner, Kolbe volunteered to die in place of the father of a large family. He was later canonized as a martyr of charity by St. John Paul II.

Why "KMMK"?

Our call sign honors the martyr St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe. It also uses the letter "K" for Katolik, meaning "Catholic" in Kolbe's native language, Polish. That is how our call sign K-M-M-K was created! The tag line of our station is: "RADIO TO THE MAX"

"Without sacrifice, there is no love" St. Maximilian Kolbe

Militia Immaculata Website link:

An excellent resource for learning more about Consecration to Mary is a book titled, “BEHOLD YOUR MOTHER: The Path to Total Consecration to Our Lady in the Spirit of St. Maximilian Kolbe.” 

A link to this book can be found here:

Kolbe Video #1 (short)

Learn about courage, love, and the selfless sacrifice of St. Kolbe. Produced by Real Life Catholic and EWTN Network.

Kolbe Video #2 (long)

The Servant Brothers of the Home of the Mother have produced this documentary about the life of Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe