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The link below gives motivation for becoming involved in fighting the good fight (1 Tim 6:12).   The link below includes a movie clip of Maximilian Kolbe in his fight against the forces of evil in the world in his (and our) day. 

“How can the opponents of faith be so active, organized and enthusiastic.  And how sad it is to see that we Christians are so indifferent and divided.  On the other hand, why would I go against the stream.  What’s in it for me anyway? Shouldn’t I just stop for a moment? Should I just stand by and watch? Is crying and complaining all we can do?
No!  Everyone of us bears an obligation to resist this.  The stream leaves so many souls to destruction.  We must do something.”  See the movie below


100th Anniversary of the Militia Immaculata was on October 16, 2017.

The consecration prayer to Mary and explanation


To prepare and to register your consecration with the International Organization, the Militia Immaculata

The US headquarters of the Militia Immaculata is in Peoria, Illinois.



The national Shrine to Maximilian Mary Kolbe is Marytown located in Libertyville, Illinois, just outside of Mundeline.  (Mundeline is the location St. Mary of the Lakes Seminary, where many seminarians in the Archdiocese of Dubuque take their graduate school formation.)

The activities at the Shrine, which has 24 hours a day adoration can be experienced on the link below:

Prayer activities at the shrine



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Getting souls to Jesus
through Mary
is the goal of KMMK.


KMMK is an apostolate, not a ministry, i.e., specifically Church-related.  Getting people to have devotion to Mary, The Immaculata, is an “apostolate within an apostolate” for KMMK.


Kolbe Quotes Link