55 Thousand On-The-Air Goal




KMMK needs Angels to help us get on the air.  There is a $150,000 goal for two years operating expense including $55,000 of capital and up front expense to get on the air.  PLUS is $35,000 into our fund raising campaign as of 9/23/2017.  Please send donations of any size.

For Donations, please use
PLUS Charites
c/o Farmers State Bank
PO Box 569
Marion, IA 52302

For information, write or call
Tony and Susan May.

Graphic Used with Permission of Carol Wild




Mary Madonna at Busch Gardens mask shop







KMMK tri-fold link
KMMK-trifold-brochure-vA 20170814.pdf



BOTH are needed

KMMK on the air expenses






Once on the air, to stay on the air, more is needed
until “the Day of the Lord”.


55 Thousand On-The-Air Goal


Two Year Operation Goal